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These are a handful of the amazing clients we had the pleasure of working with over the last 14 years.

Damas Express Damas Express

Damas Express

Fully Managed Ecommerce Solution

Damas Online was an ambitious project that targeted to be the largest e-commerce platform in the country. It was designed and developed to cater to both B2B and B2C segments and has been a hit with shareholders, investors and customers alike.

beyondholidaysmv beyondholidaysmv

Beyond Holidays

Travel Agency Website

A great travel website could have visitors ready to pack their bags and set out on their next trip on the spot. While vibrant and vivid images of Maldives are alluring, there are multiple agency websites that peddle these out.

Prime Maldives Prime Maldives

Prime Maldives

Corporate Website & Content Managment System

The biggest asset to a company or organization is the trust of customers and potential customers. In today’s digital world, this is where corporate websites come in.

Kurukoh Kurukoh


Branding + Short News App

With multiple news publications, it can be hard to decide where to go for daily updates on local and global issues. In today’s fast paced world, when we are all pressed for time, it’s also a little hard to read news articles from top to bottom.

SeekJobs.mv SeekJobs.mv


Branding + Job Listing App

Seek Jobs stands out from the rest with an easy to navigate modern interface. The design is clean and simple, and was developed with both the needs of employers and employees in mind.

Instil App Instil App

Instil - Motivational App

Website & Mobile App

To instill means, to gradually but firmly establish an idea or attitude in a person’s mind. These ideas form habits and those habits could potentially change a life for the better. Our app brings user quotes that motivate and inspire.

vMedia vMedia


Custom Online Media Solution

If one were to list new agencies in the Maldives that work towards informing, educating and entertaining the general public, vMedia would certainly be one of the top picks. The news website delivered for this publication and its large audience has a user-friendly design that complements the content and copy produced by the brand.

Bazillion Pvt Ltd Bazillion Pvt Ltd

Bazillion Pvt Ltd

Coporate Website

At MeemoInc we understand that a corporate website is not the goal but a tool. We focus not only on the type of website you want but also what you want to achieve through it. The website developed for Bazillion Maldives is a great example of a website developed on time and within budget to cater to the clients need for a clean-cut online portfolio readily available for investors and clients.

LoveStyle LoveStyle

Love Style

Ecommerce Solution

Love Style is an e-commerce solution hosted on Shopify and showcases products and enables customer engagement. It gave an online presence to the business quickly and easily. In addition to the brand and concept design, an introduction to digital marketing was also provided with this platform.

ThePress.mv ThePress.mv


Fully Managed Media Solution

People across the country and globe are dependent on media sources to keep updated on various issues. With the era of screens, online news sites have become irrevocably embedded into everyone’s lives. MeemoInc has catered to the needs of various news outlets that are dedicated to covering issues of interest to the general public, from politics, to business, religion and entertainment.

ThePress is a front-end application that was developed and customized to fit the client’s needs and requirements. Delivered under 48 hours on an express request, this platform has a 3 second response time. This news management system is fully managed and maintained by MeemoInc.

Hurihaa News Hurihaa News

Hurihaa News

Custom Online News Solution

The custom online news solution provided for Hurihaa News is a testament to the efficiency of Team MeemoInc. Delivered under a week, the platform was fully equipped with all the signature features desired in an online publication including mobile responsiveness and news management.

Maldives Business Standard Maldives Business Standard

Maldives Business Standard

Custom Online News Solution

What makes a good online news site is more than just the content they bring to the public. With this in mind MeemoInc delivered this custom solution for Maldives Business Standard, the only business news source in Maldives published in Dhivehi.

Hali News Hali News

Hali News

Custom Online News Solution

News consumption is at all time and in order to stand out from multiple publications available online MeemoInc provided Hali News a well-structured website quickly with a decent loading speed and user-friendly interface.

Damas Coporate Website Damas Coporate Website

Damas Pvt Ltd

Corporate Website

With a history dating back to 1978, Damas PVT LTD was established in 2000 as a construction company and currently caters to various industries with a wide range of clients from general trading, tourism and hospitality, real estate and construction and medical services.

Th Trading Th Trading

TH Trading

Ecommerce Solution & Corporate Wesbite

The corporate website for TH Trading is mobile responsive, easy to navigate and uncluttered. The website was designed and developed with the client’s requirements in mind. Their e-commerce system E-dart was also part of this project and upon request training sessions were provided for their team.

Ace Hardware Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware Maldives

Fully Managed Ecommerce Solution

The difference between good companies and great ones are that great companies are always ahead of the curve. When MeemoInc was hired to design and develop the first ever e-commerce platform in the Maldives, Ace Hardware embraced a vision that would soon become the norm.


White Diamond - Workspace

Booking & Lounge Management System

PSM Digtial

PSM Digtial

Custom Online News Solution

PSM Junior

PSM Junior

Custom Online News Solution

Fuel App WA

Fuel App WA

Mobile App